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A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin

By Nancy Martin

Nora Blackbird has made the society pages once more. The impoverished Philadelphia heiress has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of latest Jersey's such a lot infamous mobster-if he can continue to exist the Blackbird Curse. each time a Blackbird sister remarries, the groom is sure to die...

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How are they so sure she’s really gone? ” Michael surveyed the estate again, as if calculating its worth. I could see his mind working at various angles of the story. He asked, “Did they check her bank records to see if she’s moving money around? ” I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. ” Michael slipped his arm around my waist. “Want to run away with me? ” A few hundred yards away, Libby had slogged to a halt in the mud and was now using semaphore to communicate with us. Either that or she was doing an interpretive dance.

Perhaps the only one who truly felt Lucy should be found—before she injured an unsuspecting bystander—I steamed in the opposite direction in search of my niece. Naturally, I was waylaid at every vehicle and entreated to join one tailgate party after another. A twentysomething woman wore a hat that looked like the Flying Nun had swooped through a flower garden. ” The single girl seen at parties all over the city, Betsy had the swanlike grace and burnished glow of a young lady who’d been given every advantage—and expected even more to fall her way.

Perhaps my tone was chilly, because Betsy hastily changed the subject. She blathered about my suit and hat, but her beautiful eyes finally widened when she caught sight of my ring. Not ready to discuss it, I made the excuse I was looking for my wandering niece. As I walked away, Betsy’s friends put their heads together and began to whisper. I knew it had to start eventually. News of my engagement was going to race through the aristocracy like a wildfire through a matchstick factory. At the open trunk of a beautiful Jaguar, Porter “Potty” Devine poured mint juleps for a clutch of fragile, elderly Main Line widows who had all dressed in funeral black.

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