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A Final Accounting: Philosophical and Empirical Issues in by Edward Erwin

By Edward Erwin

More than a century has handed on account that Sigmund Freud begun his groundbreaking paintings in psychoanalysis but there isn't any consensus approximately his legacy; as an alternative there's power war of words not just approximately Freud's recognition and position in historical past yet concerning the right criteria to take advantage of in comparing his thought and therapy.

This publication develops epistemological criteria for Freudian psychology and gives a accomplished assessment of, and probably ultimate, verdict on Freud's idea and remedy. not like the other assessment released so far, it features a systematic dialogue of either the Freudian experimental and non-experimental facts and the right kind criteria for reading the evidence.

Part I considers the view that Freud's idea might be judged by way of precise evidential criteria deemed acceptable for judging hypotheses of common sense psychology. Edward Erwin argues in contrast view and for the employment of criteria appropriate to causal hypotheses of either the traditional and social sciences. Erwin additionally addresses different matters approximately criteria resembling the necessity for experimental proof, using placebo controls, the right kind objectives of psychotherapy, and using meta-analysis in reading consequence data.

The criteria constructed partly I of the ebook are utilized in half II in comparing the simplest to be had Freudian evidence.

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But why is this the only alternative? It might be that the mind is not an atomized jumble of ideas and yet sometimes where there is a connection of content, a causal connection is present, but often it is missing. , 6:9) of the young man who tried unsuccessfully to quote a line from the Aeneid. A chain of associations, according to Freud, later led from a reºection on the missing word aliquis to the miracle of St. Januarias’ clotted blood and eventually to the man’s expressing anxiety about his girlfriend missing her period and possibly being pregnant.

In addition, to apply the rule to Freudian cases of dream interpretation or purported explanation of neuroses, we would have to obtain evidence both that: (a) the postulated motive did exist; and (b) the degree of meaning connection is signiªcant enough to rule out coincidence. There is no reason to think that we can obtain such evidence without using Millian methods. Hopkins (1991, 128) claims that Mills’s methods are inapplicable to a psychology of motives because motives are unobserved. However, in employing Mills’s methods, one need not claim to use them to demonstrate that a putative cause exists, but rather to argue that a hypothesized event makes a difference.

I often perform the same action in order to wash a glass and there is no reason to think that I desire a drink. , not hypnotized), that the agent is thirsty, that people often drink water to satisfy their thirst, and so on. This background information, not mere thematic afªnity, provides the warrant. That is also true of someone singing the national anthem. If we did not have grounds for thinking that a particular rendition of the anthem was voluntary, or that people generally sing the anthem because they want to, we might very well have no reason to believe that the desire to sing caused the action.

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