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A grammatical study of Beja by Richard A. Hudson

By Richard A. Hudson

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We will never know for certain whether or not this or some other is the reason for the neglect, for none of the philosophers has discussed the issue. Let us go back toward the beginning of thought, as we know it in the Western world. We will find in the Greeks some good historically grounded explanations for the neglect of sport by philosophic minds, then and later. Despite their evident enjoyment of athletics, and their delight in speculating on the meaning of a hundred different human concerns, the Greek thinkers never dealt extensively with the nature, import, and reason for sport.

Why should young men want to be athletes, once account is taken of what they must become and do along the way? My answer has already been indicated: young men are attracted by athletics because it offers them the most promising means for becoming excellent. That answer, though, should not merely be stated, but won. This means it should be reached across the barrier of more obtrusive and apparently more plausible views. Page 18 2. The Attraction of Athletics Athletes usually submit themselves, often with enthusiasm, rarely with reluctance, to long periods of training.

It is not necessary to suppose that all nonparticipants or even all players are imbued with a common desire. We need not suppose that they exhibit a drive that is characteristic of the most devoted and successful participant. But it is possible for them to see themselves in the players. An athlete carries out to completion one of the types of effort everyone occasionally makes to be or to become an excellent man. All men would like to be perfected physically and mentally. Even those who dwell upon their misfortunes, who enjoy being pained and punished, or who would prefer not to be at the front of anything, aim at a state where they feel fulfilled, somehow completed.

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