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A thorn by any other name: sexist discourse as hate speech by DONNA L. LILLIAN


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Drawing on proverbs and proverb-like sentences present in historic Egyptian and Greek knowledge collections, this publication deals an unique perception into the literary construction of those Mediterranean civilizations, evaluating their demeanour of conveying undying knowledge and reconsidering the prestige in their cultural touch.

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In addition, only a small percentage of actual cases have been brought to light owing to the tendency among members of the corporate community to cover up incidents of industrial accidents or pollution, as exemplified by the incidents involving the Chugoku Electric Power Co. , or residents living in the vicinity of the NICHIAS Corporation’s Hashima factory in Gifu Prefecture. 3). The New Act constitutes an emergency first-aid measure and is significantly flawed in certain areas because it was designed as a measure to win public support.

2 An Exploration of Measures Against Industrial Asbestos Accidents 29 Of the 263 deceased patients considered by the study, interviews were held with the consenting family members of 130. 6%) had been approved for workers accident compensation; a relatively high percentage. In addition, 108, or 83%, of the total were subject to at least one path of exposure associated with their workplace, whether it involved an industrial accident, their occupational field, exposure within their home, or entry into facilities that handled asbestos.

Although flaws in the administrative approval process had been cited earlier during the handling of applicants with Minamata disease, one must wonder whether similar flaws are impeding the handling of asbestos-related applications. To identify applicants with Minamata disease, the screening committee relied on the symptoms seen in severe cases, and took Hunter–Russell syndrome as one of their approval criteria. This approach impeded a full understanding of Minamata disease and had the effect of excluding certain classes of patients from assistance.

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