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Advanced UNIX Programming by Warren W Gay

By Warren W Gay

Complicated UNIX Programming is going past the basics of UNIX programming and offers details and methods the readers must extend their wisdom base. Designed for pro UNIX programmers, this e-book builds at the talents and data the reader already possesses. It contains assurance of net approaches, interprocess keep an eye on, dossier method manipulation, synchronization, and lots more and plenty extra.

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The read(2) and write(2) calls are serviced by the UNIX kernel, shown at the bottom of the figure. 1 The I/O software layers. An example of a shortcoming of the stdio(3) routines is that they behave differently on different platforms. On some UNIX platforms, the error EINTR is returned when a signal handler returns, while on others this error is not returned at all. On still other UNIX platforms, the stdio(3) routines get confused dealing with EINTR and do not work correctly. Sometimes you can live with the stdio(3) interface, but you'll want to perform a special control function on the open FILE.

Minor numbers can also include bit flags. Some character devices such as tape drives have a bit set to indicate that the tape drive should be rewound upon close. In all cases, special file major and minor numbers are very kernel specific. 3 platform. This would be a recipe for disaster! Special files are given attention here because they are important for those system programmers who want to take up daunting challenges such as writing database engines. The writer of any new device support must also be keenly interested in the special device entry for the hardware device.

For example, if you have permission to open a disk partition, your program can use the open(2) call to open it for reading and writing. For example int fd; fd = open("/dev/wd0s2f",O_RDWR); if ( fd == -1 ) /* Error handling... */ From this point on, this sample program would have access to the entire disk or disk partition, assuming that the open call succeeded. File systems have their special files protected so that normal users cannot open them this way. If they could, they could seriously corrupt the file system.

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