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Agro-techniques of selected medicinal plants by India. National Medicinal Plants Board, Energy and Resources

By India. National Medicinal Plants Board, Energy and Resources Institute

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5 tonnes/hectare on drying. 75 tonnes/hectare. The cost of cultivation is Rs 40 000/ hectare in the first year. Second year onwards, it is reduced to Rs 10 000/hectare due to the use of bulk planting material from harvest. An additional income of Rs 20 000/hectare can be generated annually, if Bacopa is grown with paddy as an intercrop. Market trend – 2006/07 P Market price: Rs 25–75 per kg P Market demand: 1000 tonnes 38 BALIOSPERMUM MONTANUM MUELL . ARG . Baliospermum montanum Muell. Arg. Syn.

Alpinia galanga Willd. Syn. Amomum galanga Lour Zingiberaceae Ayurvedic name Kulanjana Unani name Khulanjan Hindi name Kulanjan, sugandha bach Trade name Kulanjan Part used Rhizome and seeds Therapeutic uses T he rhizome of kulanjan is carminative, aphrodisiac, febrifuge, and bronchodilator. It expels the phlegm (mucus), improves voice, and is very useful in sore throat and respiratory congestion. It is also used in rheumatism. The seeds have the same uses as the rhizome. 5 m. The rhizome is very prominent and aromatic.

Two seeds per hill may be sown to compensate for any failure in seed germination or mortality later. Regular watering should be done to keep the nursery beds in moist condition. To raise the planting stock, terminal cuttings can also be planted in nursery beds or polybags after treating them with commercially available rooting hormones. The cuttings should be kept in shade Baliospermum montanum – houses or mist chambers for crop better rooting. The stock raised through cuttings takes longer time than seedlings to attain transplantable size.

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