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Alternating Current -Engineering Practically Treated by Edward Brackett Raymond

By Edward Brackett Raymond

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19, the production of a sine curve of flux during its POWER FACTOR. 43 more magnetizing force (or, what the same thing, more ampere-turns) than during requires rising, is its falling, hence the current curve producing the sine curve of flux is higher in value than a sine wave dur- ing the rising part, and lower during the falling part, and is thus distorted somewhat, depending on the quality of the iron core in the magnet. POWER FACTOR. B. ) wire, as shown in Fig. 7, and dis- Figs. 9 and 10, the current flowing into the coil lagged 70.

9; and second, as in Fig. io. Both express the same In Fig. f. thing. 22 ALTERNATING CURRENT ENGINEERING. the current lagging about 70, the angle of phase being plotted on the horizontal In Fig. 10 the line, and the volts on the vertical. at each instant of phase, mean square values only are considered, and are plotted by vectors in angular displacement one from another. In diagrams of this kind, the square root of angle that the vector makes with any reference line, usually the horizontal line of the figure, represents the phase of the vector.

Currents and the losses due to their presence, the ar- matures of dynamo machines and cores of alternating current magnets and transformers are made laminated, so as to increase the resistance of the natural paths of the currents. f. proportional to the flux, tion, to the main current flowing in the winding, and since the loss of energy by a current passing through a resistance is 7 X IR PR, it follows = First, that the : energy loss from Foucault currents is CAPACITY. 31 proportional to the square of the main or inducing current.

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