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Always a Lady by Sharon Sala

By Sharon Sala

Continuously a girl (Kismet)

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Her beauty almost made up for it, and her body damned sure did. He'd heard Case tell Duff to take her to town within the hour. If his luck held, they'd be gone before Duff ever made it to the main house. Lily was confused. She knew that Case had been very angry with the way Lane had talked to her yesterday. She couldn't imagine his expecting her to ride all the way into town with a man who'd insulted her. She stared long and hard at Lane, watching his downcast manner and refusal to meet her eyes and decided that Case must have given him quite a downdressing.

Her exertion earlier in the day while chasing the blowing paper had aggravated the new, healing tissue. Who would want to look at a face like that? Her stomach churned as she sat down, grabbed the phone, and dialed the number. On the sixth ring, a man's deep, sleepy voice answered and Lily instantly remembered, although too late, that there was a two hour time difference. Lord! she thought. He'll think I'm crazy. " Silence answered him. "Whoever's on the other end better start talking. " Lily took a deep breath and blurted out.

Lightning! Case blinked and looked up, expecting to see thunderheads boiling overhead. No clouds, no nothing but the ever-present sun burning down on top of them. He stared blankly at the slender hand still grasping his huge, dirty one, then back up at her face, hidden by sunglasses and that glorious mane of hair, and dropped it as if he'd just been burned. " Lily looked into his dust-covered face, the three-day growth of thick, black stubble shaded by a wide-brimmed, black Stetson, also covered in a thin, persistent layer of dust, and saw blue so clear that she felt she was staring into pieces of the sky behind him.

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