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Anxiety and avoidance : a universal treatment for anxiety, by Michael A. Tompkins

By Michael A. Tompkins

"In nervousness and Avoidance, psychologist and anxiousness ailment professional Michael A. Tompkins offers a common, transdianostic technique for aiding readers focus on nervousness, panic, and worry utilizing cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) and mindfulness remedies. This e-book comprises mindfulness options, motivational suggestions, and cognitive instruments for reframing anxiousness and worry so readers can come back to dwelling their  Read more...

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This chapter presents the role of motivation in your recovery from anxiety and avoidance. You’ll start by learning some facts about motivation that will help keep your recovery on course. The chapter then describes two motivation-enhancement strategies—analyzing your decisions (examining the pluses and minuses of changing versus staying the same) and clarifying your core values. You’ll also find a number of exercises to help you maintain your motivation through the inevitable ups and downs of your recovery.

He calls his wife to pick him up. All that night he worries what his colleagues and senior partners might say about his leaving the meeting. He’s certain that his days at the firm are numbered, so he calls in sick for the next three days. He refuses to return calls from a senior partner who wonders how he’s feeling. 1b): 27 28 Anxious Body (Physical Sensations) Anxious Mind (Thoughts) What if I faint? What happened just before your anxious response? Where were you? What was going on? What were you doing or thinking?

I look down from the stage as I’m giving a presentation, and feel dizzy. Dizzy, my heart beats fast, and I feel faint; sweating; short of breath. Anxious Response Antecedents I worry all night that I’ve ruined my career. My colleagues are frustrated with me, because they have to do my work. I cut the presentation short. I called my wife to pick me up. I called in sick three days. I didn’t return the senior partner’s calls. What happened after your anxious response? Did you experience some internal consequence (guilt, anger, shame, sleeplessness)?

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