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Application Guide. AG 31-003-1. Chiller Plant Design

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They can be mixed with water cooled chillers in multiple chiller applications. Most air-cooled chillers can be used in either constant or variable flow applications. Variable flow in the evaporator is a function of the staging and chiller controller. Check with your sales representative when designing variable primary flow systems. There are many applications that require a small amount of chilled water during the winter. For example, a hospital might require chilled water to cool an MRI year-round while the AHUs can switch to air-side economizers in the winter.

Refer to Single Chiller Sequence of Operation, page 39. Series Chiller Plant Example Consider the same model building used in the single chiller example. The series chiller plant is shown in Figure 39. Chiller 58% Chiller 32% Fans 44% Fans 24% Pumps 13% Design Performance Tower 5% Pumps 21% Tower 3% Annual Energy Usage The design load performance is identical to the single or parallel chiller systems. In this case, it has been assumed that the sum of the chiller pressure drops for series chillers equals the pressure drops through single or parallel two-pass chillers.

This has two advantages: 1. During periods when the chiller plant load is less than 45% (about the limit for one chiller) the VFD chiller can be used and take advantage of any condenser relief available. Considering this is a part load situation, condenser relief should be significant. 2. When two chillers are required, the VFD chiller can use the VFD to optimize its performance while being used in the lower lift application. Both chillers do not need to have VFDs. Either chiller will work in either application (lead or lag) without a VFD.

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