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Aquarium Plant Paradise by Takashi Amano

By Takashi Amano

Every person may still personal at the least one Takashi Amano publication, and while you're attracted to tetras and different small Amazon fish, this is often nearly as good a spot as any to begin. yet be warned - this isn't a beginner's advisor or a technical exposition on planted tanks. What it truly is, is a set of attractive photos (with short technical information plus a couple of layout tips) in order to encourage you to include a number of the components (or a whole layout) into your individual tanks.

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Minor Eng. As the species, except very much smaller, maximum of only 3 in. tall by 1 in. diameter. areoles As the species. spines As the species, except no centrals. flowers Small, 2 in. tall by 11/2—13/4 in. diameter; pale lavender-pink; 15—25 smaller petals; 8 stigma lobes. range Stockdale, Wilson County, Texas. remarks Reduction of size and flower parts consistent in any environmental situation. stems 32 genus Echinocereus Echinocereus caespitosus var. perbellus. 2 inches tall. Echinocereus caespitosus var.

Reichenbachii var. albispinus) Globose or oblong, becoming cylindrical with age; usually form clusters with up to 30 stems when old; 8 in. tall, 31/2 in. thick; medium green; ribs narrow, somewhat tuberculate. areoles Oval when young, very woolly, becoming elongated when older; usually bare when very old, but may retain mass of dirty white or tawny wool at upper edge; 1/8—1/4 in. apart. spines 12—28 slender, rigid radials, not pectinate, spreading outward from plant, interlocking with adjacent areoles; uppers very small, weak; laterals become progressively longer, 5/8—1 in.

Distinguished from E. dasyacanthus by rigidly recurved radials, very short centrals in 1 vertical line; from E. pectinatus by flower tube with short wool, short, rigid spines, white zone in flower; from E. caespitosus with long wool, long, flexible, hairlike spines on flower, no white zone. Echinocereus pectinatus var. ) Rumpl. Arizona Rainbow Hedgehog, Cabeza del Viejo stems Thick, columnar, to 8 in. tall, 4 in. thick; rarely branched, 18—23 narrow, tuberculate ribs. areoles Elongated, to 1/4 in.

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